If interested performing any of my music please contact me for pricing information by email at: Let me know how many copies you require, and whether you prefer to receive hardcopies or .pdf files. I'll reply by email as soon as possible, generally before the end of the business day (5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time).


Have you always wanted to write a song? Do you have an musical idea in your head and just can't seem to get it to take shape. You don't have to decide to be a COMPOSER to write music. Some basic music crafting skills can greatly enhance your enjoyment of music and facility with the musical skills you already have. As a composition teacher I show you to to make the most of your musical strengths and then teach you new skills to get the music out of your head an on to paper or to a reliable and consitant performance. For more information please contact me at


Many of the works in my catalog were created for specific people or special events on commission. For examples, check out Love Songs for Solo Basoon, or Eleath the Eel (who lives in a well and loves to dance). Having a new work written specifically for you, or your ensemble can be rewarding and exciting. If you are curious about the comissioning process, I am happy to answer questions, help you find a composer for your project, or be that composer. You can reach me at

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