East of the Sun/ West of the Moon

Flute, viola, and piano (2012)

I. East of the Sun
II. here is a desert (solo viola)
III. The wonderful moo moo bird
IV. The City of Many Towers
V. here the north wind lives
VI. The City of Many Towers (reprise)
VII. In this place there are peculiar fishes
VIII. Don't walk too near the edge
IX. An empty Cage
X. West of the Moon
XI. the path that leads to No-Place

East of the Sun/West of the Moon takes a whirlwind tour through a land of fantasy. The piece was commissioned by pianist Margaret Halbig, flutist Calisa Hildebrand and violist Shannon McCue in the spring of 2009. Most of the eleven movement titles were taken directly from the whimsical labels Jaro Hess applied to his imaginative 1930’s map, entitled “The Land of Make Believe.” You can see the map at http://jarohesslomb.com/.

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