Mezzo and piano (2007)

The text for Memories of Silver was derived from Walter de la Mare’s poem “Silver”. This text, half-remembered, abbreviated, and altered, reveals the original poem in patches, as if it is being seen by moonlight. The music is gentle and full of romantic and impressionistic harmony. The bass line walks slowly depicting the flow of time, the passage of the moon, and the movement of water.

The lyrics to Memories of Silver:

Slowly, silently, now the moon

Walks the night in her silver shoes

This way, that, she peers, sees

Silver fruit on silver trees;

The windows catch

Her beams beneath silver thatch.

A mouse scampers by,

With silver claw, and silver eye;

And listless fish in water gleam

By silver reeds in a silver stream.

-adapted from "Silver", by Walter de la Mare.

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