Quilt I

Flute, clarinet, violin, cello (2010)

Inspired by my mother's quitling practices, Quilt I was "patched" together using both isorhythym and fugue. The talea (rhythm) of the isorhythm was derieved from length of the seams in the house-quilt pattern that my mother uses, and the colour (pitches) were taken from the trouvere chanson de toile "Belle Doette." On top of this I built a fugue. Like a quilt this composition has a front and a back. The two movements are designated by the medieval terms for the front and back of a manuscript page; recto and verso. The movements can be played in either order. Simple multiphonics are used in both the clarinet and flute parts.

Recto: chanson de toile
Verson: chanson d'etoile

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