tsuki ga dete/the moon rises

SSAATTBB chorus (2015)

Tsuki ga dete was written an engagement present for my husband, Nicholas Alward. He wrote the poem for me the first Valentine's Day we were dating. Although I thought I had completed the score about by the time we got engaged in December of 2014, it went through a number of revisions before it was performed for our wedding the following October.

We are both interested in Japanese culture. Nick had studied Japanese while in school, so he wrote the poem both in Japanese and in English. Nick also has a love of minimalist and trance music. This is not a style I work in often, but I worked to incorporate into the flow and nature of this work. I was inspired by the image of small waves on the ocean lapping reapeatedly against the shore in the moonlight. Thanks are due to my friend Ramin Haghjoo for coaching me on the Japanese.

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