Soprano, flute, clarinet, cello (2004)

The text from Vox Dilecti Mei comes from the second chapter of the Song of Solomon, verses eight through ten. The music is built from two contrasting tonalities. The first is a dissonant tonality based around g# minor, supported by fifths in the cello, and the second is characterized by pentatonic flourishes in the flute and clarinet. In the later half of the piece, the two tonalities merge and come to a resolution.

Voice, voice of my beloved!

Behold he comes,

skipping over the mountains,

traversing the hills.

Similar is my beloved to a roe,

or a young fawn.

Behold he stands at our parapet;

he looks through the window

gazing through the lattices.

Behold my beloved speaks to me,

“Rise my friend”.

     - Song of Solomon, 2:8-10

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